The Misconceptions Of Impoverished Workers ' And The American Dream

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The Misconceptions of Impoverished Workers’ and the American Dream After thoroughly examining some the hardships experienced by underpaid workers’, it has become evident that the definition of poverty is often misconstrued by society. Demonstrated through numerous case studies and as presented in David K. Shipler’s “The Working Poor: Invisible in America”, the lives of many low income workers’ are adversely impacted by the lack of a sufficient salary. After gathering materials from such resources as journals and articles, it is apparent that the U.S. government has steadily attempted to enrich the lives these impoverished workers, through an abundance of job training programs and strategies. As described by Shipler, “poverty is an unsatisfying term, with a broader region of hardship,” that society has failed to properly recognize (Shipler, preface x). The blunt reality of poverty has been unexpectedly reflected in the lives of many working single parent households’. Since poverty has no racial boundaries, many hardworking individuals’ around the country are affected by associated hardships. In 1997, Shipler visited rural neighborhoods across the country, where he interviewed numerous workers’ surviving just above the poverty line. The purpose behind this social investigation, was to gain further insight on the cause and effect of each individual scenario.
Similar to Shipler, a political activist-Barbara Ehrenreich also performed her own social experiment, centered on…

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