The Misconceptions Of Lgbtq Families

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There are different ways that having one or more LGBTQ parent affects a person. It manifests through the type of home they have, their class, their gender, their sexual orientation and their physical body. Often times it manifests itself through exclusion from different communities, whether they are queer communities or communities for specific races, existing in between the lines is just the normal way of life.
One of the main confusions around LGBTQ families is how they physically have a baby. There are a lot of different ways that queer people have children, the most common is just that someone had sex with someone of another gender. Many people who were in relationships and had children later came to understand that their relationship was no longer compatible with their sexuality. Adoption is also common, and recently use of IVF has been on the rise. Surrogacy, sperm donors, and foster care are also contributing factors to how families that aren’t made up of a male parent and a female parent. Although having children is always classed, being gay and having children is classed on many additional layers. Firstly, so many on these family-building methods are very expensive. Adoption comes with lots of legal fees and expenses that are time consuming and complicated to do within the family and hiring a lawyer is expensive. Often LGBTQ families go to another country from which to adopt. One example is China, where there are hundreds of thousands of girls needing to be
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