The Misconceptions Of Renewable Energy Vehicles

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Misconceptions of Renewable Energy Vehicles Renewable energy is usually considered the future of technology and the next large advancement for society. The main reasoning for this, as a use for vehicles’ energy, is because many people believe that renewable energy is necessary to stop climate change. And these people believe this misconception because of green house gases, which are released from the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels create most of the world’s power, which leads to the creation of green house gas emissions, which is why they are usually considered to be “bad”. Emissions from vehicles are responsible for only 14.7% of the pollution that is released into the air (The Guardian). A positive for cars that run on renewable energy is that they can be environmentally friendly, under the correct circumstances, due to running on electricity; with the exception of hybrids, which run on fossil fuels (Zumerchik, John). The use of fossil fuels in hybrids then charges the car, which allows for more fuel efficiency than the average vehicle (Zumerchik, John). Some complications that exist for renewable energy vehicles, specifically electric cars, is low energy efficiency, air pollution, fossil fuel use, foreign oil suppliers dependency, lead poisoning, and leaking storage tanks (GERMAN, JOHN M ). Using renewable energy as a source of power for vehicles is ineffective due to the creation of these vehicles harming the environment and an unnecessary change of oil dependency.

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