The Misfit By Flannery O ' Connor 's A Good Man

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The word evil is most often associated with death or physically harmful things. But in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” the Misfit shows that evil is not only in physical actions but by also how you judge and treat people as demonstrated by the Grandmother in the story. The Misfit although is not seen as a fully developed character, he brings contradiction to the definition of evil and is also a main character of the story. The Misfit is talked about by critics as being evil and also having no sense behind his madness, but in contradiction the Misfit has a larger view on life than any of the other characters in O’Connor’s story. The Misfit himself acknowledges that he is indeed evil as he said “Nome, I ain’t a good…show more content…
The Misfit “is not a monster , but a tragic figure”(202 Hendricks). O’Connor chooses The Misfit as a prophet to show how the families of today are not spiritual enough, and someone with an obvious mental issue could be close to god. This is demonstrated by the families of Bailey and Sammy. In Bailey’s family the only authority is Bailey himself, the children do not have respect for any others, they barely contain respect for Bailey. The children aren 't even baptised, meaning that the children including the parents have lost their connection to God. Red Sammy has at one point became unfaithful to his wife showing the lack of spiritual influence in his household. The Misfit is a sort of “spoiled prophet”(202), he is loyal to God but has taken his teachings the opposite direction and believes what he is doing is somewhat justified by God. Towards the end of the story as the grandmother believes she has made a breakthrough with The Misfit she reaches out to touch him and “he retaliates by jumping up and shooting her”(2 Sparrow). Basically The Misfit feels threatened by the grandmother’s impurity, her last minute display of faith sealed her destiny by showing false faith. When the Grandmother said “You’ve got good blood”(412 O’Connor) she signals that by the way he is talking and “praying” with the grandmother, she can tell that he is not all bad only the circumstances he is put in. Although the
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