The Miss American Pageants Are A Perfect Example Of The American Dream

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The Miss America Pageants are a perfect example of the “American Dream” standard that the beauty industry was trying to promote. “The history of beauty contests tell us much about American attitudes toward physical appearances and women’s expected roles … legitimiz(ing) the Cinderella mythology for women, to make it seem that beauty is all a woman needs for success… ” The Miss American Pageants were a contest for women to show off their looks and compete against other women to win the “best to comply to right now’s beauty standards” crown. To really see how people were reacting to The Miss America Pageants, we must look at the Miss America Pageant protests of 1968. When of all ages lined the streets of Atlantic City to protest the pageant, they carried around “posters deploring “the degrading mind-less-boob-girlie symbol” and insisting that they only “free” woman is “the woman who is no longer enslaved by ludicrous beauty standards ”. They would go on to compare the pageants to the “…cattle at county fairs and human slaves being auctioned ”. Women were literally lining up to be judged upon their looks for some money. These pageants emulated the “American Dream,” or the America the Capitalist Society, and they had people watching these as entertainment. These protesters were not only protesting the pageants but the entire beauty industry that the pageants supported and reflected back to society. “We’ll have a freedom trash can for bras, girdles, curiers, false eyelashes,

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