The Missing Malaysia Airline Flight Mh370

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Malaysia Airline MH370 Bhavika Ravindra Kitawat Syracuse University Abstract: The missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 on March 8, 2014 is not only a technical mystery but determines current weaknesses in technical, regulatory and organizational infrastructure of international civil aviation. Safety culture of international civil aviation is the fundamental pillar of success but unfortunately aerial disasters occur. This article discusses about missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 and the difficulties to manage search, rescue, accidental investigation, recovery efforts and lessons learnt. Introduction: Malaysia Airlines started in 1937, when it was registered as Malayan Airways Limited though its flying operations began in…show more content…
In less than an hour after take-off at 1:20 MYT, Malaysia Airline lost contact with air traffic controls. Malaysia Airlines reported for the missing flight at 7:24 MYT carrying 239 passengers including 12 Malaysian crew. The disappearance and supposedly crashed flight MH370 disturbed consumer confidence in the airline with share prices falling. In a span of four months, another Malaysia Airline was shot down over Ukraine. Even with the planned route airline earned criticism for travelling over conflict zone. Malaysia Airlines was struggling for cost cutting to compete with a wave of new, low-cost without a distress signal. They lost almost US $137.4 million in the first quarter of 2014. Malaysian Airlines made no profit since 2010. In last three years, Malaysia Airlines booked losses of US $1.25 billion. The company 's stock fell by 20% following the disappearance of Flight MH370 and had fallen 80% over the previous five years. Following the disappearance, ticket sale had declined. Especially in China it was down by 60% in the month of March. Also, there was a spike in resignation from the flight crew though it was below industry norms. Emergency Responses: Final Contact: The final contact occurred at 1:19 MYT with air traffic control (ATC), when one of the pilots replied "Good night Malaysian Three Seven Zero". The crew was expected to contact ATC when it passed into another area where the contact was lost.
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