The Mission And Vision Statements Of An Organization

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The mission and vision statements of an organization must be linked to its overall strategic plan. Establishing this connection is pivotal when discussing how BJ 's Wholesale Club Inc. value statements are aligned to its proposed strategic plan. Furthermore, in this paper the Internal and external analyzes are two essential phases in the strategic planning process of BJ 's. Significantly, when formulating relevant and feasible plans it is imperative for strategy makers to have a thorough understanding of the organization 's direction
BJ 's Wholesale Club Inc. Vision Statement
Grensing - Pophal (2011) stated, "A vision statement is a forward-looking statement of what you aspire to" (p. 144). When foresight is provided into a company 's long-term objective, it calls for a sense of commitment from everyone involved. BJ 's Wholesale Club Inc. does not have a vision statement. However, the overall purpose of its establishment was made known by the founding members.
BJ 's Wholesale Club Inc. Mission/Value Statement A mission statement distinguishes the reason for the business existence and "reflects both who you wish to serve and the value you hope to provide" (Grensing - Pophal et al., p. 140). Hence it, describes "the company 's products, market and technological areas of emphasis in a way that reflects the values and priorities of the strategic decision makers" (Pearson & Robinson, 2013, p.11). BJ 's which identifies itself as a company driven by values uses its core
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