The Mission Of Hope And Joy University

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The mission of Hope and Joy University is modeled after the human validation process, where we place emphasis having open dialogue, clearer communication, better interactions with others, and enhanced growth potential. Our program is experiential in nature, stressing a family system of balance and nurture, while building self-esteem (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). At Hope and Joy University, we seek to recruit and train our students to make exceptional impacts within our program and the field and community they will serve. We want them to be well rounded and compatible of expressing themselves in their personal and professional lives. We want our students to understand that every stage of life has its own battles. Therefore we…show more content…
Virginia Satir believed that every family displayed a type of balance system in their lives (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). We here at Hope and Joy will help our therapist to be able to bring balance into the family lives that they will work in. The family unit is very important and must be taken serious. The students will learn that crisis is a journey of transformation. We want our students to be great therapist and to be able to make life better for someone else.
Hope and Joy University Program Philosophy Hope and Joy University has based our school’s theoretical orientation around the basis of the human validation process, Satir’s eight aspects of self. We model our program and train our students to accept that at the “core of every person-consist of eight separate but interacting elements” (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). The elements are the physical, intellectual, emotional, sensual, interactional, contextual, nutritional, and spiritual. Our university’s goal is to nourish all these elements as a part of strengthening our students as the best family therapist. Our model will educate you on the role of the family and various communication styles that are reflective of the human validation process. Our model is that the communication style of the family is reflective of the level of worth if the members in the family will learn to be honest and genuine with one another. Understanding that as a

student is the first step. The second
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