The Mission Of Mars Inc.

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Mars Inc. Mars Inc., cares about commitment and their organizational culture is built upon five principles: Quality; Responsibility; Mutuality; Efficiency and Freedom. Mars has practiced these principles for generations and plans to continue far into the future. “The company’s objective is the manufacture and distribution of food products in such manner as to promote a mutuality of services and benefits among all stakeholders” (Forrest E. Mars, Sr., 1947). Mars is a private, family-owned business and states mutuality (teamwork) and freedom are what makes them stand out from other organizations. Mars establishes mutual benefits for the people who help them succeed, and because they are family-owned, Mars has the independence to make daring decisions and investments and experiment with ideas. They believe in working with others to achieve their goals, and they collaborate with customers, suppliers, governments, industries and research centers. Retrieved from Mars does two hundred million consumer transactions a day and is the third-largest private company in the United States. They sell candy, pet products, rice as well as other products. The work sites maximize utility instead of fun games or comfy extras, although they do give free candy and have a gift shop. Mars is very secretive about the owners and their families who are very private, but transparent when it comes to financials
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