The Mission Of Master Marketing

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As I continue to grow and learn as a business person, I have noticed that marketing brings together the ability to run a business and crunch numbers with the ability to be creative. For this reason, I am looking to open a marketing firm in the San Antonio area. The name of the firm is “Master Marketing.” Our Slogan is “Master your business Market”
The mission of Master Marketing is as follows:
“At Master Marketing, we strive to help companies achieve greater goals profit through the power of efficient and effective marketing strategy. To achieve this, we will conduct intricate market research, and collaborate with some of the best minds in the field of marketing. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our work ethic. With
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Business school has taught me that keeping customers is considerably less expenses than finding new ones. Therefore, I want to create a large amount of customer loyalty at Master Marketing. My final objective is to create a strong reputation in the San Antonio area as a quality and efficient marketing firm. Building a reputation as a quality firm is necessary to gaining the optimal amount of clients. The company will be structured in a very simple sense. I will be Chief Executive Officer and floor manager (until the company grows enough for someone else to become floor manager). There will also be a Chief Financial Officer in charge of Finances and Accounting. Employees will consist of Market researchers and analysts. Once the company becomes bigger, it may be necessary to employ others such as a receptionist and information technology specialists. Master Marketing will target businesses and other individuals in need of market research and marketing assistance. Some of our clients and customers may include medical clinics, politicians, and stable businesses. This target market provides Master Marketing with clients who are more likely to be reliable enough to pay on time or follow a strict payment plan. Customers must have appropriate financing to afford quality marketing help. This is not to say that I would not do voluntary work for certain not for profit
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