The Mission Of Metropolitan Hospital

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Metropolitan Hospital believes that honest business is good business. We also believe that it is important to commit to creating an ethical business environment both in our own organization and in our community. The mission of Metropolitan Hospital is to provide accessible, affordable, and quality care to the community we serve. This mission is supplemented by six fundamental values: Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, Service, Integrity, and Compassion. We maintain the highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving our outcomes and patient care. The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing and we encourage inventing better, more efficient ways to achieve our goals. Our staff is expected to adhere to high moral…show more content…
Retention of employees, appropriate punitive actions a. Successful recruitment to fill available positions b. Continued Graduate Medical Education (GME) C. Evaluate staffing needs a. Hire consultants to assess staffing ratio needs including nurses b. Ensure compensation remains competitive in current market 2016-2019 D. Quality & Performance Improvement a. Implement Safety Reporting system E. Increase Operating Margin a. Develop new payment models i. Collaborate with healthcare partners b. Balance revenue growth and expense management c. Maintain competitive patient charges i. Revenue cycle improvement d. Grow volume of services As a not-for-profit hospital, our focus and charitable mission is on providing reasonably priced care to all patients who approach us, including the indigent population who make up a majority of our patient base at Metropolitan’s pre-natal and well-baby community clinic. Our positive public relations will encourage community support, loyalty and ownership in Metropolitan based on its quality, safety and service efforts. Strategy A actively promotes and informs the community about our available services and maintains our reputation. Wellness promotion initiatives through appropriate lifestyle choices and help address social factors negatively impacting our community 's health and provide education in chronic disease management will help improve our communities’ needs identified in the CHNA. The Community Advisory Board
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