The Mission Of Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School

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The mission of Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School is to educate students in a safe and active learning environment where all students will become responsible, achieving citizens. The faculty and staff of Robert A. Cross believe that educating students for responsible citizenship is necessary for preserving democracy. We believe that in a democratic society, a person must value his country and what it stands for, understand what it means to be a responsible citizen, and have the fundamental skills necessary to participate in the society. We also believe that all students are capable of learning what is needed to be productive United States citizens. We recognize that students have individual differences and unique needs which must be…show more content…
To provide instruction and guidance for responsible citizenship 4. To help children achieve self-reliance and self-esteem through academic accomplishment, believing that accomplishment grows from the active and disciplined use of the intellect 5. To appreciate neatness, promptness, and accuracy for quality production and performance 6. To develop intellectual curiosity, problem solving, and reasoning skills The faculty and staff of Robert A. Cross share the same philosophy. We, the faculty and staff of Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School, believe that all students can learn, and we are committed to providing students with the kind of learning opportunities that make school important, challenging, joyful, and fair. We also believe that adolescents are at a critical and unique stage in their lives; therefore, we will work cooperatively to help them develop physically, emotionally, socially, behaviorally and most important, intellectually. Our major focus is to promote academic excellence through core academic subjects and life connections programs. In regards to the faculty and staff, we consider ourselves as a family. We are a very high performing academic school. With a diverse group of individuals comes a vast mixture of needs. Employee needs are determined through a school level needs assessment process. The process begins with teachers completing a needs assessment form and taking a self-assessment of themselves
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