The Mission Of The Englewood Fire Department

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Introduction The organization I served in my community service is the Englewood fire department. Serving this organization has helped me learn some great lessons to being a good leader overall. The main ones that I attained are to treat those you lead as actual people, to keep pushing yourself forward even in the face of adversity, and to look at the brighter side of life. The mission of the Englewood Fire Department is to work round the clock to protect the public from fire related incidents and to prevent these incidents from happening again. One way they try to prevent these incidents is the fire chief always checks the plans of any new buildings being built for any fire related dangers and proper placement of any fire safety tools which after he is done sends to the building inspectors for their evaluation. They also try to spread the message of fire safety to the community by going to places such as schools and educating them on how to prevent fires and how to survive them. The structure of this organization consists of sixty employees in which they serve the city and citizens. The hierarchy of leadership in this organization is as such one chief, six lieutenants, and the rest is divided between paramedics and firefighters. The work schedule is every day it consists of the chief, one lieutenant, two teams of three and one team of two. The reason for the paramedics is to minimize the amount of time and injury for people to be given medical attention and be taken to
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