The Mission Of The Englewood Fire Department

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Introduction The organization I served in my community service is the Englewood fire department. Serving this organization has helped me learn some great lessons to being a good leader overall. The main ones that I attained are to treat those you lead as actual people, to keep pushing yourself forward even in the face of adversity, and to look at the brighter side of life. The mission of the Englewood Fire Department is to work round the clock to protect the public from fire related incidents and to prevent these incidents from happening again. One way they try to prevent these incidents is the fire chief always checks the plans of any new buildings being built for any fire related dangers and proper placement of any fire safety tools…show more content…
The roles I provided during my service hours at this organization are upkeep, organization, and just simply provided any assistance whenever I can. one of the main tasks I helped the organization with during my hours by doing a project which required me to organize 14 years worth of fire call files in a more orderly way while also making it so there is more room to put future call files in the future. Model The Way A quote that relates to organizational values or mission comes from the article "A general model of organizational values in educational administration": "the phrase ‘‘organizational values’’ could be applied in reference to groups or organizations, such values are thought of as being known, understood, and expressed in context of the behavior and experience of individuals."(Mueller, 2014, pg.649) The reason why I picked this quote is that it agree with the fact that people derive their workplace values from the behavior and experiences of those that lead them. What this means is that the leader and their actions does determine what the behaviors of the organization are. How this relates to the leadership of the Englewood Fire Department modeling the values of its workers is through the behaviors of the leader Chief Elmer Bergman. The chief has been a hard working yet optimistic man who tries to not let the failures get to him instead using those experiences to learn and be better at his job.
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