The Mission Of The Executive Management Team

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David Neeleman founded JetBlue in 1999, under the principle of low cost travel and high quality customer’s service. Planes were designed with leather seats and satellite TV at each seat. Neeleman initially set out to call the airline Taxi associating it with New York City. However this idea was quickly dropped for several reasons. Soon thereafter the airline was introduced as New Air but quickly changed to JetBlue. A year after standing up, its headquarters was established at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The first inaugural flight was between JFK and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Within its first year, Jet Blue had serviced over one million customers and had a net income worth $38.5 million. Today JetBlue Airways ranks number 5 in the U.S. Airline market and posted a profit of over $400 million in 2014 (MacLennan, 2015). The executive management team consists of four major players: David Neeleman, David Barger, Thomas Kelly, and John Owen (Boyens, Cha, Livneh, Pan-Fea, Singh, & Vintrou, 2002). The four men began working together in 1988, however Neeleman and Kelly had previously worked together at Morris Air and Open Skis. JetBlue’s founders had previously worked within the airline industry with Southwest Airlines and Morris Air. As founder, Neeleman chose to build an organization where the employees took pride in the company’s five core values: safety, caring, integrity, fun, and passion (Boyens, Cha, Livneh, Pan-Fea, Singh, & Vintrou, 2002).…
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