The Mission Of The Organization

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The mission of the organization is to serve the near and broader community financially for both short, mid, and long-term purposes as well as increase profit for the business. The products and services offered are intended to help clients invest in the business. Those banking products include investment vehicles as well as federally insured bank deposits that pay a competitive savings rate. Customer service is also essential to the success of the business. To reward employees for their services and performance level, workers are offered a competitive compensation package with is elevated based on merit. Additionally, they have a base remuneration package. Although the organization has many branches, the primary development focus of the organization concerns the investment manager position. The investment manager is responsible for finding clientele that can benefit from the community banking strategy. Meritocratic is intended to increase the competitive drive of employees to increase productivity for the company. According to the article “Implementation plan for improvement of work life plan” (2016), if the cost of improving the employee’s life is higher than the productivity output of a happier employee, it may be considered to be too high for the company to endure” (p.5-6). This point validates the use of a meritocratic system because such a system ensures that no employee is being paid more than what the company is receiving in return because it’s all based upon the
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