The Mission Of The Queens Library 's Adult Learning Center

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An estimated 36% of Adult New Yorker’s are at level one-literacy skills about one and a half are functionally illiterate. That means that they cannot read a prescription label, newspaper or fill out a job application. An additional 25% of Queens’s New York residents do not speak English. (Queens Library’s, 2016) The Adult Learning Center (ALC) in Flushing offers many services to the flushing community. Many of the services are focused around the large Asian population in flushing. The services include, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) conversation groups, Basic Adult Education (ABE) classes, and ongoing mental health and life coaching services. As a field student in The Adult Learning Center, my primary focus is to provide mental health services to the population. Due to the large Asian community, I often find it difficult to understand their needs. Many of my clients need numerous sessions to open up on their areas of concerns.

Mission of the agency
The mission of the Queens Library’s Adult Learning Center is to provide services, resources, and life long learning opportunities to the changing communities of Queens. In addition to the core initiatives, The Adult Learning Center offers Adult Learning Resources for students and educators of all ages, including the ESOL Referral List; Learn to Read programs and activities for beginning to mid-level adult readers; Pre-HSE Classes for adults who speak English and want to improve their reading and
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