The Mission Of The Sdwcc Task Force Essay

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The mission of the SDWCC Task Force, in partnership with key stakeholders, is to eradicate crime and violence caused by the West Coast Crips gang by creating a renewed community confidence and enhanced quality of life through a three pronged prevention, intervention, and suppression strategy. We will educate community members on the negative impacts of gang participation and attractive alternatives for families, and in particular the youth, in a robust prevention effort. We will utilize law enforcement and other emerging resources, to engineer intervention solutions for those at risk of gang membership and those already in gangs who are in need of, and desire legitimate lifestyle alternatives. The suppression element will attack illicit gang businesses creating disruption in their money making ventures and will aggressively target those most violent gang members to remove them from the neighborhoods and remove their influence.
Ultimately, The SDWCC Task Force aims to ensure community quality of life is no longer impacted or controlled by the gang culture, and we seek to restore and maintain community control to; and in the hands of the law abiding citizens within this community.

Key Stakeholders in the Selected Geographical Area:

The West Coast Crips are concentrated in one of the most socially disadvantaged neighborhoods of the city (Carpenter & Cooper, “Weak Links: Gangs and Criminal Networks in the San Diego/Tijuana Border Region.” Final Report of the Gangs: Regional
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