The Mission Of The Task

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Sheikh Usama Bin Mehboob Student I.D # S0264965 Assignment #2 Individual Assignment Table of Contents: Title page 1 Table of contents 2 1- Project Scope 3 2- Assessment Part-A 3 3- Assessment Part-B 12 4- References 14 1 Project Scope: The mission of the task involves fundamental parameters and issues for accomplishing a strong extent of the project under taken by the product development group. Then again, for the fruitful fulfilment of the project different milestones are additionally presented and all are recorded toward the end of concerned…show more content…
Table-1 is the expression of accumulated milestones in Gantt chart view defined at the end of the project and Table-2 is with their respective notation. Additional Milestones (Gantt chart view) Task Name Duration Start Date Finish Date Predecessors S1 Concept Review Complete 0 days Mon 12/08/14 Mon 12/08/14 D1 Design Review Complete 0 days Tue 2/17/14 Tue 2/17/15 4,5,12,33,38 P1 proto build start 0 days Wed 4/1/15 Wed 4/1/15 49,46,4748,39,1 P2 proto build start 0 days Thu 7/16/15 Thu 7/16/15 52,53,54,44,6,24 D2 Final Design Review Complete 0 days Wed 10/7/15 Wed 10/7/15 8,9,10,37,36,44 L1 Launch Review 0 days Wed 11/4/15 Wed 11/4/15 58,59 b) Resources Allocation: Resources are allocated with respect to the Work Breakdown Structure and network diagram for production of the project. Figure is the expression of the resource sheet defined in the project. Fig: Resources Allocation c) Tasks Names & Lists Headings: It can be view in the project file attached and the title is given as CQVideoPartA1.mmp as required and mentioned in the report. d) Holidays Description: Fig: Project Holidays Description e) Project Critical Path(s): Critical path is the order of the project network activities that are adding up to form longest overall duration and it also determines
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