The Mission Of The Uss Ronald Reagan

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The centerpiece of Naval Aviation is delivering precise ordnance on target from a nuclear powered aircraft carriers. At any given time, the United States Navy is conducting a variety of missions from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean and the Horn of Africa. Naval Aviation must train around the clock during peacetime to ensure aircrew are tactically proficient and the personnel who support and maintain the weapons systems maintain a high state of readiness to support the Navy overall mission. This final paper for this course will examine the overall structure of the USS Ronald Reagan, specifically focusing on leadership theories of the Weapons Department organization, the effects and power of leadership influence,…show more content…
The mission of the USS Ronal Reagan is to prevail in all operations from peace to war as the cornerstone of Carrier Strike Group Five capability to sustain presence, project power and to fight and win decisively from the sea. The Vision is to achieve readiness and victory in combat by excelling in the basics and to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, operational and technical competence, and material readiness (USS Ronald Reagan, 2016). An aircraft carrier organization is led by the Commanding Officer followed by the Executive Officer and then Department Head. There are several Departments aboard an aircraft Carrier, this paper will discuss the Weapons Department. All Nimitz class aircraft carrier departments are organized the same. The Weapons Department is led by the Weapons Officer and broken down into five Divisions; G-1 Flight Deck, G-2 Armory, G-3 Weapons Assembly, G-4 Elevators, and G-5 Ordnance Control. The Weapons Department is responsible for the security, stowage, breakout, handing, issue and shipment of all conventional weapons and explosive devices on-board the ship. In order to defend itself and support the embarked carrier air wing, the aircraft carrier has to be loaded with certain types of ordnance to complete that task (USS George Bush, 2016).

The Weapons Officer is responsible for approximately 300 sailors’ morale, welfare, training and
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