The Mission Statement And Core Values

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While physical environment is crucial, the facility’s origin, mission statement and core values are equally as important. According to Ms. Andrew, Superior Residence was formed by a man named Dennis Taylor in 1999. Ironically, Mr. Taylor’s mother discovered she had dementia when she left eggs on the stove and forgot about them eventually burning them. However no assisted living facility met his standard of care and as a result, he decided to establish a decentralized company that focuses on superior care and a quality lifestyle for seniors (Andrew, J., personal communication, October 28th, 2016). The company’s mission statement is “Building trust so that residents, families, and our team have peace,” and its four core values are integrity, service, efficiency, and the most important, fun (Superior Residences , 2016). The mission statement shows was designed to provide comfort to families because although they might not be able to cure or prevent the progression of their loved one’s dementia, they can provide them with peace and warmth in a comfortable environment. Moreover, in regards to the core values, while the first three are somewhat basic, the last value, fun provides patients and their families with a sense of hope. In Jill’s words, they have fun “morning, afternoon, and night” through lots of music and exercise. A truly heartfelt experience during the tour was when Jill began to sing to a resident, Joyce, who soon chimed in with her, belting out “Well I’ve got joy,
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