The Mississippi Masala

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Final Paper- #5 Mississippi Masala Idi Amin, holding military power and eventually acquiring the position of head of state in Uganda in the mid-late twentieth century, is recognized as one world’s most notorious leaders and is believed to be responsible for the deaths of one hundred thousand-five hundred thousand human rights individuals. Amin’s rule is characterized by nepotism, ethnic persecution, and much corruption. During Amin’s rule, he was also responsible for expelling the Indian culture by demanding all individuals of the nationality to leave the continent of Africa. Mississippi Masala, released in 1991 and directed by Mira Nair, tells the story of an Indian family that fleeted Africa to the United States during the reign of Amin. While the plot concentrates on the morals, beliefs, and portrayals of the Indian culture during that particular time frame, it does so through the up’s and down’s of the romantic relationship between Meena, whose family migrated from Africa to the United States, and Demetrius, an African American carpet cleaner who was born and raised in Mississippi. The couple’s relationship is greatly scrutinized by Mina’s family as well as society; however, the end of the film reveals that one’s skin color does not speak to the content of their character. Mina’s family, of the Indian culture and deriving from Africa, are very proud of their heritage and their traditional, conservative beliefs and morals. An unwritten tradition that is practiced by
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