The Missouri Department Of Conservation

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The company I chose for this assignment is the Missouri Department of Conservation. It is a Missouri state agency whose mission is to protect and conserve Missouri’s natural resources.
Backgrounding the problem:
The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has been around for over 75 years. Throughout its rich history, MDC has faced many hardships including deforestation and the almost extirpation of several native animal species, including deer. The agency worked hard at reviving its devastated state only to face yet another natural giant, disease. In 2010, the first case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was found in the Northwest corner of the state (, 2017). This disease affects the cervid population, which includes deer
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Preparing the proposal:
As of today, 5 more cases of CWD have been found in the state of Missouri, bringing the total confirmed cases up to 38 (KTTN News, 2017). Though the Department is doing everything it can to help stop the spread of the disease, it is crucial to maintain the support of local hunters. When the rule change came to vote concerning hunters’ abilities to bring game animals across state lines was proposed, it was met with resistance from some individuals (Crider, 2017). Though the resilience to the rule change did not stop the momentum of the proposed change, it is this kind of backlash that can lead to bigger problems in the future. The public relations campaign aims to focus on deer hunters. This large group will then be subcategorized into three groups, those in the affected area, out-of-state hunters and businesses affected by CWD.
To make sure we are hitting these target groups, we will do several different types of surveys including mail-in, face-to-face, phone and web surveys. Though having so many platforms for these surveys can be costly, it will allow the Department to reach a broader audience across the state. The surveys will help to show deer hunters and the general public that Conservation is committed to helping slow the spread of CWD. The key message for the campaign will be spread through word-of-mouth, radio spots and news releases. To help disseminate this message a CWD media taskforce will be created, whose main goal is to spread the
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