The Mist Of Avalon Essay

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Morgaine, as described in the article “Overview: The Mists of Avalon”, is the protagonist of the story. “Known as Morgan le Fay, (or Morgan of the Fairies) she is often cast as an evil and destructive practitioner of the black arts, Morgaine is a strong and complicated character who challenges the assumptions of Arthur's court” (“Overview”). In the first book, Mistress of Magic, she is neglected by her mother, Igraine, and must raise her baby brother (Arthur) until she goes off to Avalon with her aunt Viviane. In The High Queen, she develops a hatred for her once beloved aunt Viviane, and feels betrayed after unknowingly sleeping with her half brother, Arthur. Morgaine, later in the novel, then gives birth to a boy and sends him off to her sister Morgause to foster the child until he is grown to hide the secret of her and Arthur. By the end of the novel, Morgaine has dealt with guilt and grief and has regained her…show more content…
Viviane, according to the article “Overview: The Mists of Avalon”, is the High Priestess of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake. She is Morgaine's teacher and mentor in the early parts of the book; Morgaine rejects her during the middle section, but eventually comes to recognize Viviane in herself by the end of the book (“Overview”). Her actions may not always be the right ones, such as manipulating Morgaine to sleep with Arthur in order to create an heir and fulfill the destiny of Avalon, but she is not afraid to move based on her strong beliefs. Viviane has great power, and is therefore vulnerable to the temptation to manipulate people for the sake of the greater good, the will of the gods as she understands it. Thus, her actions have immense potential to destroy as well as to save. Nonetheless, as a woman of power, she manifests some of the charisma of the Goddess, and in the end Morgaine is able to understand what she tried to do, and to forgive
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