The Mistakes Of Careless Mistakes

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Harm Every day, people make careless mistakes. They make mistakes without realizing how these choices will affect others. One poor move shattered my life on January 12, 2002. My brother took his own life by overdosing on drugs. My eyes had peeled open, absorbing the darkness of my bedroom. I glanced at my clock, which read 2:56 a.m. Usually, I never woke up during the night, and after I unsuccessfully tried to fall back asleep, I could feel something, a problem. I stood up and got out of my bed and stumbled down the hallway to my brother’s room. As I opened the door, my stomach curled up. There was a thick, foul stench of vodka. As I began walking towards my brother’s bed, I began to call my brother’s name. When I spied his body, lying motionless in the bed, I violently began to shake him. After a minute, I rushed to turn the light on. When I looked at his pale face, I noticed his plum lips. Fear flooded my body, and I rushed to the living room, where my father had been sleeping. I shook him aggressively, and whispered, “Caleb’s not breathing.” Those tragic events will remain in my memory forever, no one can ever understand what it was like for me to have to tell me parents that they’re son was gone, never breathing. The remainder of the night was a blur, filled with tears, prayers, and tragedy. After the loss of my brother, I realized you need to forgive people for their mistakes and differences, although I can’t help but feel we were the reason. As I slowly began to
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