The Mistreatment of Slaves

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The Mistreatment of Slaves

In no way shape or form can I agree with those that believe slavery was justified or with those that say slavery never existed. Facts have proven these hypotheses otherwise. I also cannot agree with those that believe that slaves were treated fairly. Information passed down through generations as well as concrete written evidence proves the mistreatment of slaves for many reasons. They range from the fact of slaves across the world not being considered a whole person (3/5 of a person to be exact), them being the property of their owner, some even say that slaves were uncivilized and deserved to be treated as such. The list goes on and on with reasons and ways slaves were mistreated. I will attempt to cover a
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The 1998 film Down in the Delta, is a prime example of the believed value of slaves during that time. A particular scene showed where two brothers were both sold into slavery. One was sold for money and the other for a mere candlestick. Families were knowingly torn apart due to the lack of sympathy of slave capturers and owners. It was also due to the fact that families or friends would form alliances and revolt and no one wanted that. This leads me to many other reasons why slaves were mistreated. Primarily slaves were mistreated because their captors believed they weren’t a whole person. Slaves were considered to be 3/5 of a person. Others considered them to be property. Thus they were traded, handled and sold as such with no regard to the slaves feelings, hygiene, physical needs or preferences. Slave owners feared that slaves would revolt if they had any freedom. Most plantation slave owners did not allow their slaves to be educated. They believed that if they read or write or knew how to communicate effectively with each other, they could plan revolt or an escape. Slave owners also believed that slaves didn’t need to be educated. Their only use was physical labor which required no education, just a small amount of instruction in dangerous fields. Later in my paper I will discuss why some slave owners invested in education and training of their more profitable slaves. The life of a slave was very hard and is probably very

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