The Mistress Of The Art Of Death

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Historical Accuracy in The Mistress of The Art of Death
In many historical fiction books, some events are portrayed accurately, while others are based on false information. In one historical fiction book, after the deaths of many children, people in a British kingdom are quick to blame the Jews. In order to prove the Jews innocent (so as to keep the taxes that the Jewish merchants provide), the king hires a group of detectives and doctors, including one woman, Adelia. Because she is a woman, she is forced to do her work in secrecy, so as to not invalidate her research because of women 's role in society. This shows both discrimination towards Jews, and the role of women in society, and reflects many events that did happen in history. Ariana Franklin’s The Mistress of the Art of Death accurately portrays the prejudice shown towards the Jews and the restriction of the jobs available to women during the time.
The discrimination shown towards Jews during the time, and their use as scapegoats, is accurately portrayed in this novel, and is used to propel the plot and create an interesting conflict. In the book, the king is talking to one of his advisors, who is Jewish, about what the peasants are saying in response to the deaths of their children. He says, “they believe the Jews are torturing and killing their children”(Franklin 7). This blaming of an unexplainable event on the Jews can be seen many times throughout history. One example of this was during the “black death”, when…
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