The Misunderstood Rich Of An Albanian Family Essay

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The Misunderstood Rich Being the child of an Albanian-Yugoslavian family coming from a country ruled under a harsh, oppressive, totalitarian communist regime. I am one who value and appreciate America for its once conservative and economic values it had before, those same values that allowed my parents and I to live a better life. My parents and I are very hardworking people who work full time, and putting economic responsibility before anything. One mutual agreement within our household is that one man’s problem is not another man’s burden, and one has to be able to solve their own problems. While America was founded upon these roots, it seems that the U.S is growing fond to socialist ideals. As the number grows and grows, it seems to be that the rich appear to be the biggest victim. The rich in today’s time are blamed, and criticized for the growing poor, and as a punishment are taxed and regulated to high hell. I believe the rich are people who worked for the money they have, the rich also most definitely pay more than their fair share, and are the people that make capitalism in America to prosper. My first point consist of the misconception of how wealth is generated for many rich people, which differs from the idea of long lasting dynasties and corporate greed. The wealth and income of many people in the United States, both the rich and even middle class is a result of hard work and self made prosperity. Contrary to the idea of greed, deprivation of the poor, and
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