The Misuse Of Standard English In The Workplace

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How often do we as employees consider our use or misuse of grammar, spelling and punctuation in the workplace? Proper usage of grammar, spelling, and punctuation results in the use of Standard English. Standard English is known as the correct form of the English language. Is our misuse of Standard English in our workplace reflecting negatively upon us? Brad Hoover, the CEO of Grammarly, says, “Companies looking to hire top talent should consider grammar as one predictor of a candidate’s aptitude and success.” (Hoover). Many people may find the use of non-standard grammar trivial however, this is not the case in a professional atmosphere. Non-Standard English in the workplace provides no benefit to either the employee or employer and has only negative consequences. The use of non-standard English in the workplace will negatively affect our communication, image, chance for promotions and even our pay in the workplace.
The use of non-standard English leads to poor communication in the workplace. Standard English is a base for the English language. When individuals stray from that base this leads to confusion. Slang, for example, is often limited to a certain culture. Many workplaces consist of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, communicating using slang or non-proper English leaves many people unclear on the message you were attempting to convey. Slang is not the only form of non-standard English that leads to poor communication. Consider improper capitalization,
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