The Mitzvah of Emes

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When one goes up to שמים, after a 120 years of productive living, the first question theבית דין של מעלה will ask will be were you honest in all your business dealings? This is the importance of אמת,truth, in ‘ה’s Eyes.And if a person’s answer will be in the negative, how embarrassed he’ll be, because after all, his נשמה’s root is אמת. A person’s נשמה is made from the place of the רוח הקודש; in שמים, where there is no שקר, falsehood, to be found. ‘ה,who made our נשמות, is אמת as it’s written in Yermiyahu, “ Hashem Elokim Emes”. Furthermore in Shemos it says “Eheye asher eheye”. The word eheye whose Gematria is twenty one, is found twenty one time in Tanach. Multiply twenty one by twenty one and one will get four hundred and forty on, the Gematria of Emes. If Hashem, our source (as it says by the creation of Adam Harishon, “Vayeepach beapav nishmas chaim”), is Emes, it is expected of us, to be Emes. Additionally, Hashem has give us the Torah, which is Emes, as a manual to live by. So how could we not be Emes? Additionally, the root of the Mitzvah’s known, because Sheker’s disgusting in everyone’s eyes;be it the beings in Shamayim or the beings in this world. Even among the Goyim, who speak nothingness and their right side is Sheker, there are those who are careful not to lie. This is because those who are intelligent see that the practice of Sheker is ugly and abominable. There is nothing which is regarded more repulsive thatn Sheker. In his Sefer, Mishlei,

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