The Mmr Vaccine Did Cause Autism

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Although many people do not vaccinate for religious reasons, that does not mean they will be protected by their close communities and close relationships and religion. Many outbreaks are centraled in geographic areas and tight-knit communities that have many people that share the same values and beliefs. For example, in Texas, a megachurch voiced vaccination concerns and all believed that it was not safe to vaccinate (Silverman, 2013). They were convinced that the MMR vaccine did cause autism. There were many families that were part of the church that had a history of autism in their family, and did not want to chance it. So instead of asking for a different schedule of vaccines and not bundling the MMR, the families and others opted out of the MMR vaccine entirely (Silverman, 2013). A visitor came to the church, after being in Indonesia, and, unknowingly, was carrying measles. When people that had not been vaccinated were exposed, their bodies could not fight it off and a breakout of measles overtook the church (Silverman, 2013). After that incident, the church began holding seminars and conferences that explained the importance of vaccines and why vaccines are safe, for their members. (Silverman, 2013) There are many “personal” reasons as to be exempt from vaccinating. From religious, to your own concerns or reasoning, and many people are now wanting more strict rules on exemptions of vaccines. There are now discussions concerning parents of unvaccinated children, and
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