The Mob And The City

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Human nature dictates that individuals will almost always seek to gain the most they can for themselves. Organized crime is just a natural progression of that because individuals are able to pull together their resources to gain more than they may have alone. Perhaps one of the most notorious of all organized criminal groups was the New York City Mafia. Although the Mafia did not originate in New York City, their most notable influence and lucrativeness came from New York. Alexander Hortis began his examination in The Mob and The City: The Hidden History of How the Mafia Captured New York, by breaking the book into three important distinctions. New York through prohibition, New York during the 30s and 40s, and New York post 50s. Hortis mentions that New York in the 1840s was almost an instant target for criminals because of how much opportunity was there. Hortis noted that New York became one of the most notorious ports in the world because of its perfect land to ocean feasibility. Further stating that New York port is protected from extremely harsh weather because of Stanton Island and Long Island, near perfect weather conditions because it was not so cold to produce ice, or so hot to produce fog, but it was also perfect because it was only 17 miles from the open ocean, vastly superior to ports farther south in Philadelphia or Baltimore, which were about a 100 miles from the open ocean. Because of Those advantages, New York port quickly became the busiest port in the
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