The Mobile Phone Industry, Like The Internet

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Sprint Nextel Merger Introduction: The mobile phone industry, like the Internet, is one of the fastest and ever developing industries. Since 1994, the production of cell phones has increased from 24 million to 182 million in wireless phone. The market of cell phones in the United States is constantly increasing and the 162 million users will increase in the next few years. . This tremendous increase is due to the current and ongoing development of technology and innovation in perfecting the cell phone. Throughout the history of the mobile phone industries collaborate with each other in order to stay successful in this fast changing field. Worldwide wireless companies have been cooperating with each other. This collaboration is due to a lot of reasons that all relate to the firm 's attempts to stay profitable. Wireless companies have the opportunity to get market shares for both products and accessories. When these companies merge they can then share their markets and products and offer a good service to its customers. Without working together smaller wireless companies at times fall victim to the strong competitions and they will eventually become bankrupt and forced to shut down. Therefore, collaboration is necessary within the cell phone industry to maintain profits and increase customer base. One of the ways that cell phone companies maintain profits and increase customer base is through merger or acquisition with other companies to share new technologies for

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