The Mockingbirds By Daisy Whitney

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If one desires the lifetime euphoria of moving on, one must endure the short term pain of accepting the truth. The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney tells the story of Alex Patrick, a junior high student who is raped at Themis Academy. Alex remembers nothing, and must fight to find out the truth about the night she spends with Carter Hutchinson. With the support of her friends, flashbacks of that night, and help from the student justice system, The Mockingbirds, Alex is determined to seek justice. It is through the principal character of the novel, Alex, that the reader is able to identify the character trait that pushes her to discover the truth. As Alex seeks help from the student justice system, the reader is able to see how they help her reveal the truth through their allusions to To Kill A Mockingbird. Furthermore, as the protagonist of the story resolves the conflict within herself, the reader is able to see how she develops and grows into a person that is able to accept the truth that has been revealed. In The Mockingbirds, Daisy Whitney reveals it is not until one comes to accept the truth of a traumatic event, is one finally able to make the decision to move forward in all aspects of their life. If an individual possesses the trait of determination, they will be able to not only seek the truth, but ultimately, accept it. Alex is driven to acknowledge and fight for the truth through her determination to not allow Carter to take advantage of her, and to not give him
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