The Model Of Congruence For Business Enterprise Evaluation

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When the NAVAL supply systems command will use these two models then it can easily diagnose the problems in strategy, staff, behavior, financial, operations, and several others. So the enterprise will be able to solve its problems efficiently and to cope with current readiness in innovations. The model of Congruence for business enterprise evaluation: The Congruence model by Nadler-Tushman is an extra complete structure, specifying inserted data, turnouts, and returned production that are steady with open structures principle (Naipinit, Kojchavivong, Kowittayakorn, & Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn, 2014). This version could be very much like Leavitt’s model; it additionally keeps the un-casual and casual structures of the six-container version by Weisbord. The version is based totally on numerous assumptions which can be commonplace to fashionable organizational problem solving models; those suppositions are as under (McCarthy, VADM., 2011): 1. Organizations are unclosed social structure inside bigger surroundings. 2. Corporations are spirited operations (i.e., trade is viable and happens). 3. Organizational conduct happens at the person, group, and structures stage. 4. Interactions arise between the person, organization, and structures ranges of organizational conduct. The inputs in the Congruence structure by Nadler-Tushman involve such elements as the territory, assets, records (i.e., ornamentations of beyond attitude), and enterprise strategies. Nadler and Tushman are
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