The Model Of Dependency Theory

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The Model of Dependency Theory in Asia, Africa

Detailed outline of the structure of the final paper/project

What I intend to study

The preliminary hypotheses

1) Major Propositions of Dependency Theory
2) Win-win style
3) The Commonwealth as the present example
4) Dependency among Asia and Africa
5) The style of JICA
6) The comparison between the Commonwealth and JICA.
7) Adaptation of the Dependency Theory
8) From Given independence to Genuine independence
9) What has been missing for Genuine independence
10) Asian and African nations are Japan's partners for growth
-Address by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Asian-African Summit 2015


What I intend to study

Dependency theory tries to explain the underdevelopment of countries
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The Preliminary Hypotheses

1) Major Propositions of Dependency Theory

Major Propositions in Dependency Theory can be explained as follows.

1. Third World countries do not exist in isolation.
2. Within the world political and economic system there is a tremendous amount of interaction among core countries and peoples, and between the core and the periphery.
3. Politics and economics are related.
4. It follows from the relation between politics and economics that underdevelopment is not a natural state, but rather a condition that is caused.
5. In another words, the underdevelopment of weak Third World countries is directly related to, and makes possible development of the powerful countries of the industrialized core.
6. Furthermore, as long as capitalism remains the dominant world economic system, there is no reason for the situation of developed and underdeveloped countries to change.
7. The worldwide system of relationships is duplicated within individual Third World countries. (POSC311, 1999)

2) Win-win
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Then the Commonwealth Secretariat promotes democracy, rule of law, human rights, good governance and social and economic development. It is a voice for small states and a champion for youth empowerment. Furthermore, the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (CFTC) was set-up in 1971 and is the principal means for the Commonwealth Secretariat to provide technical assistance to Commonwealth countries. Their approach emphasizes country ownership by delivering technical assistance on a demand-driven basis. (Commonwealth Secretariat,Strategic Plan,2013/14
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