The Model Of Emergent Leadership

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Tuvia Bielski:
The Model of Emergent Leadership

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to take charge, and take on leadership roles in a short period of time? Some people may say that not everyone can be a leader. Some also believe that leaders are born with the necessary qualities, which make them successful as a leader. Others believe that leadership, like many other character traits, can be learned and developed through life. The debate depends on how you define leadership, if you ask me. A leader can be made in certain situations of survival. It can range from promoting what is right to perform social changes, or just to execute their own ideas. When you are a leader you gain a certain sense of independence, and pride to
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A person simply assigned to a leadership position is not necessarily the real leader in the actual setting. The individual that commands at the highest level of respect, authority, and reverence without actually being assigned a formal leadership position is displaying emergent leadership. Emergent leadership is anyone who is challenging the current situation in an industry or within an organization. They do it by using a mixture of new leadership ideas and committed leadership principals. It is in this sense that Tuvia Bielski, who led hundreds of Jewish refugees to safety, can be considered as an emergent leader.
Emergent leaders are people who are comfortable with not having all the answers. They normally seek harmony, but know when to make a quick strong decision. They look more like a coach than a general. They freely share information and communicate clearly. Emergent leaders often have a tactical spirit, even if they are not in a traditional occupational setting. They easily inspire others to action. They are often sympathetic and compassionate. Collaboration is usually their favorite way to accomplish projects because they naturally see value in multiple people’s perceptions.
Bielski takes Command Tuvia Bielski of Stankeivitzia took two years to gather every Jew who managed to reach the forest. Bielski had the aim of saving as many people as possible. During World War II this was the largest operation of Jews to save
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