The Model Of Intervention For Special Or General Education Settings

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Introduction Assessment is a regular occurrence in any classroom because it is used to monitor progress of the student and teacher by seeing how well the student understands the content and/or if the given intervention that was given to the student is improving the student’s learning; the latter involves the Response to Intervention model. These results is a key component when determining students’ placement in Special or General Education settings. Educational laws have emphasized an increased focus on assessment of all student comparatively to assess where every student is academically. This flux of students in Special Education has led to a disproportion and overrepresentation of cultural groups. This lead to assessment measures to…show more content…
Another type of assessment, high-stakes testing, actual measures the state’s and districts ability to educate its students through adequate yearly progress. Before interventions can be given, an assessment plan is to be created in order to make sure that they are using materials that details within the specific areas of concern which is done through a series of steps that includes: reviewing screening information, further need, what intervention to use, and who should give the intervention to the student. After it is found that the student is in need of intervention, a comprehensive evaluation is done to find the best way to help the student. During the eligibility meeting, the IEP team decides if Individualized education program (IEP) is needed; if it is not needed, then alternative planning of assistance in a General Education classroom can be used. If the child is 3 years old or younger, than the child can receive an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). Laws, Ethics, and Issues During the 70s, education for students with disabilities were starting to improve through laws. Free and Appropriate education for students were passed under Public Law 94-142. Other key feature to a modern education or students were created through laws and were re-authorized and possibly reworked throughout the years as improvements and/or as new laws. The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), expanded on what appropriate education as and focused on assessment measures
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