The Model Of Performance Management

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This is an individual assignment. It has two parts. Save your two reports (one for each article) in ONE Microsoft Word file with your name and upload it here in Blackboard by the due date.

Part I. Homework on the publication titled, "From a Black Hole to a Hole-in-One."
Read the article, write a review (250-300 words), and copy and answer the following questions in 30-50 words each:
Dr. Mohan Rao’s publication “From a Black Hole to a Hole-in-One” provided insights on how to decipher the correlation between any business’ productivity and its profitability. In this research paper, the implementation of the APC model of performance management allowed Dr. Rao to provide strategies on how to improve profitability for Ebony Hills Golf Course
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Because of the discernable correlation between labor productivity and overall productivity, the damaging losses were a result of low labor productivity. Ebony Hills Golf Course had increased labor hours and costs, but revenues had fallen. The strategies recommended focused on cost reduction and price increases. Reducing staff during non-peak seasons and increasing prices were recommendations that potentially may yield positive profits for Ebony Hills. The SWOT analysis exposed opportunities to create more revenues during non-peak season by establishing cooperative agreements with local high schools and colleges. The research paper gave a real world example of how to utilize multifactor productivity measurements to uncover inefficiencies within a firm.

1. What is the purpose of this paper?
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how the APC model assists in analyzing productivity results and identifies any operational deficiencies of Ebony Hills Golf Course. The APC model reveals that a major concern for the municipal enterprise involves labor costs and hours.

2. Why focus on Golf?
Interest in golfing has grown by 14% since 1990. Admiration of famous golfers like Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie attributed to the increase in the sport’s popularity. The influx in the number of golf course increased by 32% creating overcapacity in the industry.

3. What is Balanced Scorecard?
A performance
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