The Model Of Romantic Relationships

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Introduction Relationships can be complicated and often times identifying where a couple is at on a relationship continuum is challenging. The ABCDE model of romantic relationships explains the process of how a relationship develops over time and provides one with additional understanding. The A stands for attraction, B for the building of a relationship, C for the continuation, D for the deterioration, and E signifying the end (Nevid, Rathus, & Rathus, 2014). Within this paper, this writer will share a fictional case vignette involving the ABCDE relationship stages and also discuss the stages and characteristics associated within. The Story It was love at first sight. At least this is what Trish and Carter believed. They had originally met at fundraising event in which both were volunteering for. He was assigned to the face-painting booth, where a beautiful young lady was energetically painting the faces of little kids all around. Carter recalls the way he watched Trish as her eyes sparkled when she smiled at the kids, or how she would laugh at their jokes that were not even the slightest bit funny. It is then that he reports falling for Trish. Trish reports that she was instantly attracted to Carter’s good looks, friendly personality, and his over all enticing appeal. It’s clear that both Trish and Carter were mutually attracted to one another. Carter recalls being frustrated with himself as he continued to engage in small talk with Trish. However, it was through this
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