The Model Of The Company ' Smith 's '

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Executive Summary: This report focuses on the STP model of the Company “Smith’s”, which

produces potato chips in Australia. This report will focus on how the segmentation, targeting and

positioning concepts has been used by the company to obtain such a market mix that Smith’s

chips are the most preferred and favorite among the Australian customers. Basically , when we

are applying STP process in the marketing our product in market, our ultimate goal is to position

our product in consumer’s mind and thus creating such a market mix that consumer readily buy’s

our product. While defining the market of our product, chips are the most easily available snack

by the consumers. According to the ‘Wave of stagnation’ continues to challenge Australian

snacks market report’ 17-Jan-2013, Australian nibble producers confronted constant stagnation

and monetary weight and must develop further in specialty solid divisions to ride the current

wives of difficulties. In the following report, we will evaluate the segments of the market, and

will target those segments so that we could position our products in the targeted customer’s


Introduction: This report basically gives the STP model for the smith chips, so that a certain

sales increasing marketing mix can be produced. Market division is a promoting system which

includes isolating a wide target market into subsets of buyers, organizations, or nations who have

regular needs and needs, and afterward
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