The Model Of The Putnam Model

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This is one of another popular software cost model that is known as the Putnam model. The form of this model is driven around key aspects of: Technical constant C is driven by formula of = size * B1/3 * T4/3 Total Person Months B is driven by formula of =1/T4 *(size/C)3 T= Required Development Time in years Size is estimated in LOC In the given case, the C as a parameter is further influenced by the development environment and It is determined on the basis of historical data of the past projects. Rating: C=2,000 (poor), C=8000 (good) C=12,000 (excellent). The Putnam model is considered to be the sensitive and specific model that was developed so as to manage the reduction in development time and able to further drives the person-months need to manage the project specific development. The major challenge with applicability of the PUTNAM model is that the accuracy of the estimates is further driven by the known facts and size (in lines of code) of the software can be further deployed accordingly. 3.1.8. Fuzzy Method The fuzzy method logic can be applied in all work based software development and driven by factors like human behaviour and reasoning. The decision making difficulties are tracked and there is tool efficiency used to approach. The four key steps under the given methods are:  The first key step is to do fuzzification and using the trapezoidal of the numbers to develop start up numbers.  The second key step is to simplify the complexity of metrics through
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