The Model T Revolutionized The Automotive Industry

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When Henry Ford began making cars, he felt that the automotive was destined to make the horse and carriage disappear. However, to make that happen first he needed to produce a car that was affordable by everyone. In 1908, he achieved that with the production of the Model T. The Model T revolutionized the automotive industry. The Model T was the first affordable car for the masses. Its affordability came from several properties. First, the Model T featured all interchangeable parts. Parts in one Model T were exactly the same as the parts in another model T made in the same year. Second, the Model T was the first car to contain vanadium steel parts, which were stronger, more dependable and lighter weight than previous steel pieces and they could be manufactured easier. Third, the Ford Company was the first company to employ a moving assembly line which allowed them to assemble the cars faster than anyone else.
In the early 1900s, the automotive industry was a burgeoning business with many competitors trying to out-do each other. Companies rose and fell on a regular basis. By 1903, 214 different companies had arisen in America to manufacture the automobile. However, by 1904, at least 84 of those had either ceased to exist or changed to a different line of work. (Ford, 234) When he joined the ranks of manufacturers in 1903, Henry Ford was determined to make his company work. When the Ford Motor Company began, it like many other companies of its time, ordered parts for their

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