The Models Of Fast Fashion

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Acquire, use and dispose of there are three stages through which passes a product as it passes through the hands of a consumer, who often forgets that the previous stages of the life cycle of a product have an environmental and social impact that is many times greater to use thereof, clothes and accessories are no exceptions (Fernando 2015). The concept of "fast fashion" fast fashion or refers to a phenomenon of mass production and consumption that increases at the same rate at which trends are undergoing modifications. In the consumer model clothing collections that mimic current trends at low cost are purchased, so brands that offer these types of benefits not only change your articles often, they are forced to manufacture their products in countries developing paying workers very low wages and even sacrificing security conditions in which they operate. At the same time, it is a consumption model in which the lifetime of each garment is short. According to a study by American Apparel and Footwear Associations only in the United States an average consumer purchases approximately eight pairs of shoes and 68 garments each year, giving each a maximum lifetime of three months. Still, many companies fast fashion ensures that the path of Patagonia is not the only path to follow to create sustainable fashion, so have offered to improve their practices to create a business model that best standards setting sustainability looking more for their workers fair wages and better working

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