The Models Of Fayol And Barnard Essay

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Introduction In this essay, I will analyse and compare the traditional models of Fayol and Barnard together with the more contemporary model of McGregor. The theories will be linked with my personal working experience by which I will demonstrate their relevance and role in practice. The essay will try to critically analyse and explain the differences between the three models and their applicability in today’s modern business environment. At the end, I will give my perspective of what management might mean for contemporary business organisations. In short, my working experience comes from the hospitality sector where I have been working the most. The name of the company is ASA Recruitment which is a Scottish based company that basically search and recruit stuff members for other businesses in plenty of sectors including hospitality, engineering, accountability and others. I am a temporary worker on a zero-hours contract, and work within various hospitality events in Glasgow. The way it works is my consultant Greg offers me shifts via a text message or a phone call for various locations, and then I would be working with different managers or supervisors depending on the place. In the essay, I would talk about Greg’s approach as well as some of the managers/ supervisors on the working place. My role varies, but it is mostly a waiter, a bartender, or a hospitality assistant who just helps with the organisation of the event and sometimes leads a small team. Barnard’s theory

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