The Models Of Servant Leadership, Transformational Leadership And Transactional Leadership

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This paper aims to address an organizational issue and illustrate how the situation could be resolved by using three different models of leadership. The work environment will be described, the significance of the issue will be presented and the resolution will be analyzed using the models of servant leadership, transformational leadership and transactional leadership. In 1989 I was employed by a retail bank and enrolled into an accelerated management training program, the purpose of which was to fast track my progress to management within 4 years, as opposed to the 15 years typically experienced. The premise behind the program was that candidates did not need an in-depth knowledge of routine or front office activities, they could get a fleeting experience of departments, from 2 weeks to 3 months, and progress on to leadership positions elsewhere in the organization. In my local area there were 45 trainees, all in different offices and stages of the program. Each trainee was responsible for projecting a professional attitude, commanding respect from the team, and completing the Chartered Institute of Bankers examinations. The issue that developed was quite serious. Over 50% of the trainees did not complete the process, generally for one of two reasons; commanding respect or failure to pass the exams. The reason was not apparent for some time, and the bank leadership created the program knowing that there would be some considerable waste of money and resources for those that
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