The Modern City of Paris

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I have decided to choose and examine Maison de Verre (1928-32) by architect, Pierre Chareau which is situated in Rue Saint-Guillaume, Paris. Maison de Verre, also known as House of Glass was built in the era of Modern Movement and of course, it somehow has a strong relation with the early modernist issues materially, structurally and spatially. I will first explore how the house relates to the industrialisation issue in general but to be specific how Chareau’s interest and decision to use certain materials like steel really brought forward the sense of the industrial design of the house. Then, I will talk about the relation of the house with the issue of mechanisation and how successful Chareau was in portraying a set of machines to live in with amazing planning since the very beginning. His concept of “mobility” in most of the mechanical designs really captured my interest. Last but not least, I will discuss the issue of hygiene in this house as I think that it is somehow a response to the spread of diseases in the twentieth century and people started to think more about the idea of cleanliness. At the end of this essay, I will conclude it with a summary of the three modernist issues which will be discussed later and the influence of Maison de Verre on the following architects’ generation.
As mentioned earlier, industrialisation is one of the early modernist issues which relates significantly with…
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