Essay on The Modern Civilization in Contemporary Installation Art

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The history of art has been around before written language. In the ancient time, people drew images of hunting and pregnant women because food and reproduction were the most crucial factors to survive during these periods. However, in this postmodern time period, many contemporary installation artists use sculptural materials and other mixed media to transform the way a particular space is practiced. Objects used in contemporary art have a range from each day of our life or natural materials to new media such as installation, performance, video or sound. Contemporary postmodern practices often face and undermine what is familiar to us in the world of art, which justifies why postmodern art is so diverse and fascinating. In the DANM 2009…show more content…
Since the 1970s, the installation artwork has proposed by many artists in an infinite variety of ways and ideas. Essential aspects of installation art pieces are its habitation of a site and its connection to real social conditions. For instance, a mixed media “Listen,” installed by Rupa Dhillon and included in the interactive part 1, represents chaotic surroundings of the current civilization by getting “attention to the multisensory nature of sound while allowing it to be heard, felt, and seen” (Rice “interACTIVATE”). As the viewers lie on the bed, they are allowed to hear the multisensory nature of sound, feel the sound through their bodies, and see the image of the soundscape which is projected on the top above the bed. This art piece successfully affects the viewers by giving a chance to exercise a body sound experience by using sound and video installation techniques. This use of challenging is a very significant method because it demonstrates how the artists ask the viewers to take part in the artwork rather than just watch it. The viewers eventually become able to notice the installation’s comprehensive meaning, which is related with public humanity. Furthermore, a two part mixed media installation “Blissomatic Surreal” by Melanie K Stewart, the other illustration from the interactive part 1, points up our love-hate technology relationship of
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