The Modern Day, A World Of The Walking Dead

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In the modern day, we live in a world of the walking dead. Around the globe; children, teenagers, and adults all shamble about, tired, and exhausted, their heads down, engrossed in their phones and tablets. We stay up late into the night, working on homework, stressing about our life, or just browsing along on the internet, trying to keep ourselves entertained, and this problem typically pertains towards a construct of the modern day. Over the ages technology has advanced, the variety of jobs has expanded exponentially, and along with it, so has the importance that’s been placed on education. In today’s age, everyone is stressed over something, it simply doesn’t seem as though you ever get to rest. It’s expected of you to be a hard-wired and non faulty machine, you wake up in the morning, you get to where you need to be, and you do what you’re supposed to. This may seem normal, after all it’s the life we’re all so accustomed to, but in the scheme of human evolution, our bodies and minds far precede our technology and our jobs. Our species wasn’t built for the life we live today, our bodies hunt mammoths, but our cars beat rush hour. With all of this, we take a hit to one of the most brittle systems our bodies require, our sleep. The human body is possibly the most intricate machine to be known, it’s the product of centuries upon centuries of evolution, and it was designed to survive all of those centuries ago, but recently a discovery decided to change that. This discovery…
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