The Modern Day Sports Cars

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Harry was going to a car track with his father ; he didn’t really care about cars. His philosophy in cars was to get from point A to point B. what his father always said “ Forget that, there are way more to cars then point A to B.” Harry wondered for a little and then asked, “ If so, prove it to me.” Harry’s father then said, “ Well there 's the engine, exhaust, aerodynamics, brakes, and lots more.” Harry then tells his dad to be quiet and he’ll study it himself latter. With his research he found out lots more about cars but questioned why the classic cars looked nicer but weren 't as fast as the modern day sports cars; this is what he found. Although classic cars are nice and were very fast at the time, the sports cars today are faster because of many different reasons. Some reasons are that the engine is way bigger and the technology became more efficient causing the engine of a newer car go way faster.
Classic cars, all so nice and fast, with their old look to them like the the mustang, or the corvettes, or even the old ferraris. the one that pops out the most would be the Nissan 1976 280z ( Fairlady Z Z30) it was one of the most affordable sports car of its time. With the L28 engine in it and the amount of horsepower it had. Horsepower is a measurement of power a car has, with the 280z, it had 170 horsepower. Horsepower comes from the term of how many horses can pull

Le 2 the car. The engine was a 2.8 liter 6 cylinder meaning that there is 2.8 liters of gas that the…

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