The Modern Day Sports Cars

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Harry was going to a car track with his father ; he didn’t really care about cars. His philosophy in cars was to get from point A to point B. what his father always said “ Forget that, there are way more to cars then point A to B.” Harry wondered for a little and then asked, “ If so, prove it to me.” Harry’s father then said, “ Well there 's the engine, exhaust, aerodynamics, brakes, and lots more.” Harry then tells his dad to be quiet and he’ll study it himself latter. With his research he found out lots more about cars but questioned why the classic cars looked nicer but weren 't as fast as the modern day sports cars; this is what he found. Although classic cars are nice and were very fast at the time, the sports cars today are faster…show more content…
The torque of the car is the power of turning, like a wrench; torque is what gets the car to the speed needed as quick as it can. The 280z has 163 ft•lbf amount of torque. Now that we move to the new sports car, it’s in the same family with the 280z. The Nissan 2014 370z( FairladyZ Z34) is 38 years younger than the 280 and much faster than the 280z. With a 3.7 liter 6 cylinder engine. The horsepower of the 370z is 322 horsepower this is a lot more than what the 280z pushes out about two times the power of the 280z. It weighs about 3,232 pounds, even though it weighs more than the 280z it is still faster because the engine is a lot bigger and more power is made baking it even out to what the car weighs. The torque on the 270z is 269 ft•lbf making it much stronger to get to the speed wanted; this is a reason why it goes faster than the 280z. Another reason is that the body is more aerodynamically shaped then the 280z and that it is lower than the 280z. alot of people dont like lowered cars because it looks weird or it’s not logical. it might look weird for some cars but there is a logical reason and it is Le 3 that the lower you are the faster, this is because you get closer to the ground there is less air going under the car, it also lessen the center of gravity making you less of a risk of rolling over. Knowing a little about both of these cars, we can now talk about the similarities. The first similarity is that they are both made by the same company
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